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The Probate Process

If the probate process is new to you let me offer you this FREE eBooklet:

Probate Real Estate and You: Avoiding the 7 Biggest Mistakes Made in Probate Real Estate

This may be the fastest and most direct route to having a clear picture of the entire probate property sales process. Put simply - You’ll be a better probate executor by reading this eBooklet! Simply email and enter Probate eBooklet in the Subject line. It will be sent to you via Reply email. In addition to getting the Probate eBooklet you will also get these 7 additional resources at no cost...

  1. Probate Timeline. Confidently know what to expect while avoiding time-wasting and costly surprises.
  2. Estate Executor’s and Administrator’s Duties. During the Probate Process - “Top 10” Executors and Administrators duties and responsibilities guide.
  3. Probate Glossary of Terms. Your cheat sheet to navigate the piles of legal document.
  4. How to Build Your Team of Pros. Don’t do all this alone! Find a Team of pros and put them to work for you (We have a list of the best service providers in the area!).
  5. Special Report. Going Through Probate for the Inexperienced - Discover if and when selling a probate property makes sense.
  6. Free Probate Property Analysis. Don’t Gamble with one opinion. Too many executors and administrators lose thousands of dollars for the estate when selling probate property.
  7. Personal Property Inventory and Appraisal Form. Not only does it feel good to be organized and have clarity about the personal property in the estate...this document leaves no room for error or misunderstanding.

And remember it is free! No credit card, no postage, no waiting for a book in the mail. It is an eBooklet, so you get virtually instant value! Moreover, our initial consultations are also free.

Here’s my promise to you: My associates and I will work in your best interests to help make the probate real estate management and settlement process as seamless and worry free as possible. Feel free to contact me, Craig Saxon, for a no cost, no obligation consultation.